Bible Characters-The Story of Abraham [Part 2]

Death of a Patriarch
After Sarah died,  Abraham and Ishmael made a journey to another land and Abraham sent a servant to find a suitable wife for Isaac among Abraham’s relatives.

The servant returned with Rebekah and Rebekah married Isaac and had Esau and Jacob. The Jewish covenant would pass down through Jacob, who would have twelve sons who would become the twelve tribes of Israel.

Likewise, Jacob’s sons would include Joseph and Judah, and the birthright would continue through Joseph and the scepter through Judah, which is important for the establishing of Jesus Christ in the line of the covenant.

Abraham married Keturah and had six more sons. Abraham died at 175 years old and was buried in a cave in Hebron with Sarah, before he could inherit the land of Canaan. Both Isaac and Ishmael attended the funeral.

His Descendants Today;

Christian children around the world sing “Father Abraham had many sons… . And I am one of them and so are you.” Pope John Paul II spent a lifetime dreaming of walking the steps of Abraham’s journey and has a special place in his heart for the Biblical Abraham.

There has been a trend in the 1990s and 2000s to use Abraham as a figure and tool for reconciliation. Interfaith activists have scheduled Abraham lectures, Abraham speeches, and Abraham “salons” worldwide.

The stories do, however, describe his hospitality and peaceableness and, most important, his faith and obedience to God.”