“Breaking Point” by James Richmond Jnr

poem about turning your life around

My name is James Richmond Jr., and this poem tells about a short time period in my life. About three and a half years ago I was struggling with drugs and alcohol really bad. I had been in and out of rehab centers, but for the life of me, I couldn’t seem to stay sober. That was my breaking point, so I decided to give it one more shot. In June of 09, I went back in again, and while I was there, the Lord turned my life around, and that’s where this poem gets its title, The Breaking Point.



When I turned it over to Jesus,

It was a cold and dreary day.

I was drowning on dry land,

But he washed my sins away.


I had drifted back into misery,

When he took me by the hand.

I knew how much he loved me,

When he pulled me out again.


I was at the breaking point,

There were nowhere to turn.

I was headed for the furnace.

And I was sure to burn.


The sinful life I had lived

Was coming to an end,

When a shower came from heaven

And restored my life again.


When I lost my train of thought,

It was hard for me to see,

But the world is slowly turning,

And it’s not gonna stop for me.


I can hear a ship coming,

Powered by the Lord.

It’s headed for his kingdom,

And I want to be on board.


I’ve been to other places,

But God has brought me back.

Now I want to go to heaven,

To see what that is like.