breathing by vickie amoah

This is one of the basic things I was to do before I began professional singing. I used to ask my voice coach; “Is this the only thing we will be doing whenever I come here?” hahaha! I had to ask because I was getting discouraged. I really wanted to sing, and here I was always learning how to properly breathe. Little did I know that it was preparation for the great singer I so badly wanted to become.

We did this for a number of days, and even when I passed that stage, it was the first thing we did before anything else.

Air is a major component in singing. It is like the engine in a car. Without it, nothing functions properly. Learning and mastering proper breathing will make you a great singer.

Here’s the trick! Stand straight up with your back against a hard surface. Put your two palms on your tummy. Now, breathe in through your nostrils, ensuring that your shoulders don’t go up. Instead, the air must fill your tummy and blow it up. (Picture how you inflate a balloon.) Hold that breathe for a number of counts/minutes and then release slowly through your mouth.

I must say that it can get very uncomfortable as you begin to properly practice this. You could even get dizzy at a point, but don’t stress it! Your body will adjust in no time.

Why don’t you try it now!!!


By Vickie Amoah

vickie amoah