Bright Future Of Fighter

Good goes against bad,
Two opposites pain, glad.

Life faces up-down steps,
Fighter wins with self helps.

Who helps self he gets help,
From Almighty at war camp.

Life is the struggle accept it,
The wise man’s voice says fit.

Fighter tries to win in the race,
Never leaves it feels self-fresh.

Continuing or trying in attempt,
Provides must life achievement.

Fighter keeps self confidence,
He faces most difficult situations.

Faith, interest, genius, hope, time,
Energy, right make a hero prime.

Cause within fighter seven letters,
Above said about seven matters.

A fighter never gives up fighting,
Ant, spider inspire me for writing.

Ant time to time rides lamp stand,
Spider tries so a new net is made.

Nothing is impossible for a fighter,
Conclusion “bright future of fighter.”

By Brundaban Panda.