Building for a lifetime

Weekend Inspiration From Bishop T.D Jakes

Everything that matters in life, must be built. This is worth the whole trip in life.

If it’s a business, it must be built.

if it’s a family, it must be built.

If it’s a marriage, it must be built.

if it’s a relationship, it must be built.

You will not have success waiting on already made relationships and unions. You must build everything in life. There has been many times you walked away from things with the excuse that they weren’t finished or suppose to be. You left people and said they weren’t ready. Whiles all they needed from you was to be there to help them build.

you have to build a boy into a man,

you have to build a wedding into a marriage,

you have to build a house into a home.

Make it a point this weekend to build a new or existing relationship wherever you find yourself. For a new month is springing up with new opportunities. Alas!