Person praying with cross in hand - concept of a devout christian worshipping christ

A California bill “AB 2943” that is yet to be endorsed, which stands against Free speech, Freedom of Religion and Basic Choice of People has got many religious organizations in shock. This would ban some Christian books since, the criteria for the selected bill are books that speak against “Homosexuality and Gender Identity”

According to sources, there are 8 homosexual legislatures, democrats, who sponsor the implementing of this bill at the California State Assembly. This bill affects everyone from kids to adults in the following ways:

  • No one gets an opportunity to go through a counseling session to be free from same-sex desires. Even though the state initially deemed it as inappropriate to take minors through sessions of such kind, no matter the situation. That also means, there is no help for you even if you got into this practices in an unfortunate event and want to quit. 
  • No goods or services can be advertised or sold to help an individual stop indulging in homosexual (LGBTQ) relations.
  • Which can be very disastrous for the church community and other religious based teachings against homosexuality. 


The California bill made by Assemblyman Evan Low is seen as an anti-freedom/ anti-america bill. This is because of its core motive “preventing change through counseling”. This situation is very serious because the possibility of the states joining in this dangerous course is extremely high.



Let us all pray for the kingdom of God over all nations that are under a demonic influence from the devil to implement abominable laws to affect the peace of families around the world.