Can A Born-Again Christian Be Possessed Of The Devil?

This topic is unnecessarily controversial because it answers a very simple question.

Possession = Ownership, so if we rephrase that question, it would mean…”can a born-again Christian be OWNED by another other than Christ?” Notice it says “Born Again Christian” and not “Christians”…because not every Christian is born again and alive unto God, many are still dead in the spirit though they profess to be Christians.

Hence, if we isolate the term possession to mean entire or complete possession of a person, particularly the spirit-man, then absolutely not! – A born-again Christian cannot be possessed because at rebirth their spirit-man is filled, joined and completely owned by the Holy Spirit. But if we break it down to say “possession in a particular area”, then yes a Born-Again Christian can be possessed by the devil in a specific area of their mind or body because the body was not saved at rebirth and the mind needs to be constantly renewed to be “saved”. “Christians”, on the other hand, who are not born-again can be completely possessed.

Are Born-Again Christian Possessed?

Any wrong or false thoughts or beliefs of the devil that we accept and live with has given “place” to the devil in our mind or body. For example, many born again Christians are sick with the same sickness that Jesus rebuked and casted out as “demons”.

This means that some sicknesses are actually demonic manifestations in our mind or body, like; epilepsy, mental disorder, deafness, dumbness etc. (Matt 17:14, Mark 5 Matt 10). Thus Born Again Christians can be influenced or possessed in their mind or body but not possessed in their spirit. Yes you can cast out demons from a born again Christian after they are saved.

A born again Christian who has received Christ, reconnected back to God cannot be possessed in their spirit (real man) because when the Holy Spirit comes into them, they are claimed back and their spirit becomes one with God (1 Corinthians 6:17), which is why no one can snatch a born again Christian from the hands of Jesus (John 10:29), they are completely owned by Jesus Christ. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to say Jesus owns me and yet I am owned by another.

Ownership = Possession (of the spirit and to a large extent the soul as well because it is the soul that is judged (Exodus 18:20)). When you are the owner of something, you possess it…right?

How Can Born Again Christians Be Possessed By Demons?

Every Born-Again Christian must go through a process of deliverance from all the junk they had been eating and living in prior to their salvation. If we look at it from this perspective: that possession can occur when we give place to the devil or hand over our will, then yes a Born Again Christian can be possessed by a demon in a particular area. For example, if a Christian manifests the spirit of anger, then they‘re been oppressed in that particular area of their life, but their spirit is completely free and owned by Jesus.

In addition, if we wilfully do wicked acts and give ourselves to the devil, though we have been saved, we give him a right to possess that place. For this reason, we need to constantly renew our mind, which is the battle ground…

Constant Mind Renewal = Constant Deliverance

But “can two walk together unless they agree? (Amos 3:3)…thus for a born again Christian to manifest the life of Christ, we have to be obedient to Jesus and agree with Him (in the word, prayer, away from sin) …because the mind still needs deliverance due to where the person has been, believed, listened to, lived on.

Basically a TRUE born again Christian has seen REAL freedom to a large extent, hates sin, and cannot go back to darkness by living in sin. But a person who didn’t really grasp the truth or are not truly converted will sometimes go back or live in sin. When a man sees Jesus face to face something happens to him and this makes him to want to do God’s will and not that of the devil.

Jesus said: you shall know the truth and it shall make you free, that is, if you know the truth about who you are in Christ, you won’t allow yourself to be put back in bondage or believe those lies anymore and that frees your mind to think RIGHT (away from sin or to agree and live with the devil) [sin = Satan].

Are All Christian’s Born Again?

No! All Christians are not born again. Many profess to be Christians and they are not – so there are many people who are clearly possessed or dead in their spirit-man, yet they claim to be Christians.