Can You Imagine? By Kenneth Copeland

When Abraham finally received by faith that he was, indeed, the father of many nations, it still wasn’t something he could see with his physical eyes. So how did he see it?
In Psalm 2:1 (The Amplified Bible), we find that the word meditate can also mean “to imagine.” The idea is, as we go about like Abraham, Joshua and Peter, constantly speaking God’s WORD—calling those things that be not as though they were—The WORD will spark an inner image within us. That inner image in turn becomes hope, and hope is where Abraham saw himself as “father of many nations.”
I remember in the early days of this ministry when Gloria and I reached the point where we needed a station wagon to get us and our children from one place to the next so I could preach. Like anything else we needed, we went to God’s promises concerning our need, then we prayed, sowed seed, believed God and started speaking The WORD. That’s what we did for that car.
After we had taken The WORD and agreed as a family in faith, we went around saying, “Glory to God for our new car!” “That new car is ours!” “Thank God for our new car!” We continued to meditate The WORD. At the time, our children were young, but still old enough to grab hold of our station wagon with their faith, too.
One day our son, John, asked, “Daddy, is that new car ours?”
“You bet it is,” I replied.
“Well, let’s go get it,” he said.
This new car idea had become so real and so big inside him that he didn’t see why we shouldn’t just go get it. I didn’t tell him that the reason we didn’t go get the car was because we were $3,000 short of what we needed to buy it. In fact, I started to say, “Now, you know, John, we do have to….” But then I stopped, because I realized I was about to head down the road of doubt and unbelief. Instead, I said, “Yeah, praise God! Let’s do, John. Let’s just go get it!” Immediately we all started saying it to each other: “Let’s go get it!”
In less than a week, a man called me, crying. “Oh, Brother Copeland, I’m so ashamed of myself. God told me to send you $3,000 a few days ago and I didn’t do it. I’ve hung on to it until I cannot stand it anymore.” The first time that man heard God tell him to send us the money was the same time John came to me and said, “Let’s go get it!”
So we went and got it.
-Dream Big, Talk Big, and Turn Your Faith Loose!