Can You Win – Dag Heward-Mills

I personally know people who have committed crimes against my church and me

READ: 1 Samuel 21:10-15

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it,…

Isaiah 30:21

In this story, David realized that he was not in the position to fight the king. He changed his behaviour and pretended to be mad. He even pretended to join the side of the Philistines. A real leader does not engage in battles he cannot win.

Failure breeds failure. Success breeds success. Each failure you chalk, demoralizes your followers. You must avoid getting into a “failure” situation as much as you would avoid a snake. You need to know which case should go to court.

I personally know people who have committed crimes against my church and me. I even have evidence to that effect, but I have decided not to fight them legally. Why waste your time playing a match in which the referee is a player against you? Every wise leader should avoid a match in which the referee and the linesmen are openly for the other team! The fact is that you lost the match before it even started.

When the seed of disloyalty enters the heart of a betrayer, it is often a waste of time trying to change his mind. Have you ever wondered why Jesus never counselled Judas Iscariot? It was not worth the time!

Whenever somebody hands in a resignation, I often ask no questions. Why waste your time trying to change someone who has made up his mind? I do not want the person to stay on longer than is necessary. Sometimes they want to leave in a month’s time, but I help them to leave immediately. Pick your battles carefully and win every time!