Canadians Weep for 15 Dead Persons.

On Sunday, a small Canadian town gathered to mourn 15 persons who were killed by a semi-trailer crash. However, fourteen others were recorded injured.  

The hockey team bus had 29 passengers which included the driver, when it crashed on Friday around 5 pm on the highway. Unfortunately, the head coach “DARCY HAUGAN”, team captain “LOGAN SCHATZ” and others key team members were declared dead.

As a way of honoring these great team players who lost their lives, residents of the town of Humboldt place flowers, jerseys and other precious presents on the arena steps. Even though the exact list of all the dead persons and injured have not been released by police.

However, this tragedy has resurfaced a similar incident that occurred in 1986, when the ”Swift Current Broncos” team bus crashed in late December, leaving four players dead.

—Let’s pray for peace and support for all persons who have lost their loved ones to this unfortunate event.—…/Canada-reels-15-die-when-truc…