There’s Nothing ‘Casual’ About S*x [‘Casual S*x’ Is A Lie]

casual sex is a lie
The Supernatural Side Of Sex
…And the Two Shall Become One Flesh
The thought hit me as I was minding my own business one day. Boom! “For this reason a man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife and the two will become one flesh. This is a profound mystery but I am talking about Christ and the church.”
“Wow.” I thought. That’s a lot of words. Do those verses even go together in the Bible?” Then they kept mulling over and over in my mind.
I couldn’t stop saying the two sentences. “What in the world is this about?” I wondered.
Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore. Actually I had been teaching a series that I wrote called, “Blood, Guts, and Glory” which was all about the Blood Covenant in history and examples of God making covenants with man.
I had not thought so much about marriage at the time. I had to find a Bible and see if these verses went together.
Sure enough. Let’s look at it. (Ephesian 5:31-32)
“The two will become one flesh.” This is a reference to spiritual, soul-bonding sex but also to the relationship that sex represents. It is a cutting away from the old family unit and the creation of something new and very intimate.
“…A profound mystery, but I am talking about Christ and the Church.” A profound mystery is something we can’t even pretend to explain with perfection, but it’s worth thinking about. Jesus Christ was God in the flesh – sent to become a man to offer his perfection as redemption from man’s rotten state.
He was Love. Sent by Love, because of Love – to demonstrate Love and bring us back to the power of Love – relationship with Himself. Redemption!
What a story. What a covenant – sealed by that supernatural blood, which came from his father’s DNA, just like yours did. This is why the Redeemer was born of a virgin. Everyone’s blood comes not from their mother, but from their father.
To Cut Where Blood Flows
The word “covenant” means “to cut where blood flows.”
Throughout history in cultures all around the world, we have seen an almost instinctive understanding of this kind of relationship. We have seen “blood brothers” made where guys cut their wrists and mingle the blood to show an unbreakable pact.
We have seen small pygmies in Australia cut covenant with big Aborigines in the same way. When an enemy came against the short people, they could hold up their arms and the scars down their forearms showed that they represented relationship with many others. “If you touch me, you’re touching all of them – and they will fight for me,” the scars said.
In most cultures the covenant extended to generations, and if one party were to break covenant – that person’s own family would kill him to protect the honor. Covenant is not something to be taken lightly.
What Does All that Have to Do With Sex?
Sexual intercourse is an act that brings two people together in covenant.
Blood flows when the virgin breaks that mysterious hymen. Scientists don’t know the purpose for such a piece of tissue. God knows though. It represents deep unity. This is why it is so painful to be physically intimate with someone and have the relationship be meaningless.
“Casual Sex” is a lie. At its core, divine unity between a husband and wife represents another divine mystery – Christ and the church.
Loving unity is a symbol of the heart of God towards you. He desires to make you one with himself. He cut the covenant through Jesus, when the blood flowed on the cross. You are safe when you respond to that wooing and say, “Yes, I am yours.”
You Are Loved – Supernaturally
Perhaps you were raised with images of an angry God who was waiting to punish you.
The Truth is that He is LOVE. When you can know in your heart that you are loved unconditionally, by the One who IS love, than your whole life can change.
You can ultimately only give what you have received. I encourage you to receive this love. It comes with full forgiveness of the past. God is longing to embrace you.