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[ TESTIMONY ] The Little Things

One of my praise reports happened on a Friday night. It was late Friday night, and I was heading out to hang out with my friends, but I could not find my wallet. I emptied out every bag and possible container that I possible could have placed it in, but …

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[Testimony] Education

I want to thank the Lord for helping me out of probably the tightest corner I’ve ever been in my life. After a failed relationship which consumed my time,energy and resources, I wasn’t the top class bird I used to be. I hardly understood what was being taught in classes …

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[Testimony] Great Healing

I am a child Of God a resident of the Nederlands for the past 16 years I recently started experiencing watery sounds in my belly . I watched you Good Friday MIRACle Meeting Yesterday. EARLY this morning had a dream where a bottle was extracted from my belly. I know …

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[Testimony] God’s Mission for Me?

About 3 people have told me that God has “Chosen” Me. First of all I am very new to God and all his truth. God is really working on me in the inside… what a wonderful feeling! They say they see me in the times past running for my life …

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[Testimony] Hover Board Accident

In October 2016 my 11 year old son had a accident outside whilst riding his Segway hover board and cut above his eye, He came in ran upstairs crying I ran up after him and immediately saw blood gushing down from above his eye, as I looked closer I saw …

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[Testimony] Divine Deliverance

Last night I went to bible study over my aunt’s house, because what I’m going through in life as a young 25 year old young lady I know I can’t go on without the help of the lord. So I’ve been seeking God. But when I pray I couldn’t feel …

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