Causes of Backsliding 1 – Bishop Dag-Heward Mills

SOURCE: Bishop Dag-Heward Mills

Luke 8:13 “…and these have no root, which for a while believe…”


A prominent cause of Christian folks backsliding is Shallowness. The parable of the sower gives various reasons why some of the seeds could not grow. Some seeds could not grow because they fell on rocky soil. Jesus explained that these are the ones who receive the Word of God with joy, and even believe for a while. But in the time of testing, they fall away because they have no root.

A time of testing will surely come for every Christian. If you are shallow, in the time of testing, you will fall. For you may be in a church, but if you are not “deep”  you will fall away at the next shaking and crisis.

SOLUTION- Build a personal relationship with God and don’t follow a pastor who doesn’t follow Christ.