Causes of Backsliding 2 – Emptiness in Christians

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… I am no better than echoing bronze… 1 Corinthians 13: 1 (Ronald Knox Translation)


Another major cause of backsliding is Emptiness. The word “echo” in the scripture above signifies emptiness. There are many Christians who are empty. There is nothing in them. I call them airy Christians.

They have little or none of the word in them. Neither are they full of the Holy Spirit or of love. They may speak in tongues, but the Bible says whenever they do so, they are making a lot of noise.

Emptiness will attract other things to fill that empty space. A spiritual vacuum will be filled with spiritual things. Either positively or negatively. Nature abhors a vacuum, and every space will be filled.

Empty Christians are targets for the enemy (Luke 11:25)

SOLUTION: Fill your time with church activities and godly acts.