CHRAJ Embarks On Child Rights Education Awareness

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has embarked on child rights education in schools to sensitize children on their rights and responsibilities to reduce child abuse in the New Juaben Municipality.

Apart from the children, members of the Parent Teacher Associations (PTA’s) in some of the Junior High and Senior High Schools were also sensitized on actions and inactions that violated the rights of children in both schools and homes.

Mr Stephen Okpoti-Mensah, the Eastern Regional Director of CHRAJ, said the campaign was to bring to the attention of children, their parents and all stakeholders including teachers on the fundamental human rights of the child.

He stated the campaign was also to empower children to identify their rights and responsibilities and, therefore, be able to report violations and abuses of those rights to the appropriate quarters for redress.

Mr Okpoti-Mensah said educating children on their rights was not an affront to the norms and values of the Ghanaian society as some people perceived. Adding that the right to life, education, shelter, food and many others were non-negotiable under any circumstance.

He said the rise in child abuse cases often reported in the media such as parents or guardians pouring hot water and oils on children for stealing, emphasized the fact that such incidences were on the rise and must be condemned.

Mr George Adzovie, the Regional Deputy Chief Investigator, said the campaign involved the PTA’s because they wanted parents and teachers to know their rights in bringing up children in a peaceful and conducive environment.

He said abuse was different from training and that beating a child and leaving marks on him or her amounted to inflicting pain and formed typical example of abuse and violation of that child’s right hence could not be accepted.