Though We Struggle, God Is There

christian poems about life
Lord, I often wonder what
You ever see in me
I more than often let you down
And am not what I should be
It seems it’s in the little things
That I struggle with each day,
I find it hard to focus on you
And know not what to pray
I want to rise above this, Lord,
But fail so many times
The steps of progress that I take,
Seems harder each day to climb
I lack the energy that I need
To do what I know is right,
I start to stumble and lose my way,
I’m just too tired to fight!
Lord, I feel like screaming out
‘Are you listening to my cry?
Can you see the state I’m in,
Or have you closed your eyes?’
But then I have to remind myself
That you care more than I know
You see the turmoil that I’m in
And your love, you always show
It is not you that have closed eyes,
But it’s I that cannot see
I overlook your steadfast love
And your tender mercies for me
Jesus, I pray you’ll come and touch me
With your love once more
And draw me deeply into yourself,
To rejoice as I have before.
© By M.S.Lowndes