Christianity in Ghana has become ‘Cheap’ – Socrate Sarfo

Controversial movie producer Socrate Sarfo blasted Ghanaians for making religion and Christianity in Ghana to be ‘so cheap.’

He made this statement on Peace FM’s entertainment review yesterday 14th February 2016, when he was given a time to make a submission as a panelist on Kwaku Manu’s call for Ghanaians to pray or face danger which later had Reverend Owusu Bempah defending Kwaku Manu’s stands.
Kwaku Manu who was interviewed earlier on the show about his viral video pronouncing doom for Ghana if Ghanaians don’t pray relating the recent riot at Old Tafo as a support to his claims was later supported by Rev. Owusu Bempah it is in that regard the popular movie producer stated that;
“I think religion and Christianity has become so cheap in Ghana every little issue and people are calling for prayers.”
The hot fork producer added that there have been countless riots in other parts of Ghana, therefore, Kwaku Manu’s alarm henceforth should be muted.
“There has been countless riots and chaos at various regions in Ghana and that didn’t raise an alarm for war in our country so why is this any different.” He queried.

In recent weeks, Christianity and Christians in Ghana have been in the news and not all of it good.

To all who are reading this, remember, the Bible encourages us to pray without ceasing. Every believer is called to pray, called as light to shine in a dark world, (Isaiah 60:1-3). Whether the Old Tafo clashes is an indication of doom for Ghana or not, believers have been called to pray.
Personally, I’m glad Socrates distinguished Christianity and Religion, true Christianity is not a religion, its not a set of dos and don’ts, but its a way of life, living the Christ kind of life.
The kind of life that is based on the grace of God, the life that says that Jesus loves us in spite of our imperfections, He has called us and made us Sons of God.
In all things believers must be led by the Holy Spirit and this demands our sensitivity to Him.
So, Remember;
All believers are light, meant to shine in this dark world and to show forth the Way
All believers are called to pray.
Please take note, the Bible encourages us to prove all things (1Thessalonians 5:21). The final authority on anything is God’s Word and not what any man says.