You Won’t Believe What Happened After ‘Devil’ Appeared In Church

Church Members Flee After ‘Devil’ Appears During Service
It was like a scene in one of the Nollywood movies when worshipers at a Pentecostal church in Africa ran out of the church, including the pastor, while service was ongoing.


According to, the congregants and the pastor fled out of the church premises, causing stampede after an announcement that Satan was present in the church. They were said to be scared to the bone, hence, falling over each other just to get away from Satan.


The worshipers had closed their eyes while praying so as usher the pastor to the stage for his sermon. It was at that moment that a crooked voice (presumed to be that of Satan) announced his presence. All of sudden, the voice announced that they were now in hell and the voice speaking belonged to the devil himself.


After complete silence filled the place, the said ‘Satan’ ordered all those who truly believe in God to raise their hands, to which none responded. Instead, everyone was looking at each other with fear written all over their faces. Satan then announced that everyone sit down on the floor for further instructions.


Before anyone could say jack, the pastor ran out of the church and the congregation allegedly followed suit, with the shout of “shetani ashindwe” which means ‘Satan fail’ in Swahili.


After a while, one of the technicians went to the pulpit and noticed an extra microphone was missing and suspected the offending character was hiding within the church. The church later discovered that the incident was actually a hoax. A naughty 15-year-old boy was said to have caused the uproar while hiding behind two loudspeakers.


Some of the congregants were terribly angry, but the teenager begged for forgiveness and said he was just ‘joking’! He also claimed he was only testing the parishioners’ faith in God.
Surprisingly, the sermon went on uninterrupted afterwards.


Most people say that boy must be punished. But wait, the pastor ran away too. Was he not supposed to face the devil?


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