Churches And Taxes Adventure

Bishop Stephen Wengham,pastor of Ceedar House Chapel and former Chairman of the Ghana Pentecostal church in an interview on Precious Television educated the public on the church and taxation. In his speech he said;”the church is a gathering of people who believe in one course and believe in Jesus and give a helping hand to the poor also to equip the individual to lead an effective spiritual life and contribute to societal development.

Jesus did not only pay attention of the people who came to him spiritually and according to John 6 he multiplied the bread to feed the crowd that gathered.god is interested in our socio-economic needs as a people

Paying a percentage of your income to the Gov’t who uses it to provide infrastructure and run the country is taxation but when it comes to the church, though salvation is free there is a price paid to be able to get a reward on earth and in heaven.

It is very expensive to run a church looking at electricity bills, water bills, employing staff,members must come understanding to give something for the advancement of Gods kingdom.

Though due to poverty, some pastors have over stretched the message of prosperity, but thank God for raising a generation to create a balance and preach the right message.

Taxation was in existence back in the bible days, there is no where in the bible that condemns taxation and know the church is a non profitable organisation.

If you tax churches, you might destroy the free existence of religion, it will close down many churches. Churches are to be non-partisan and if that happens they will be forced to demand for their rights which will not help the church. You will also be placing gov’t above religion if this happens” he emphasized.

“It is not fair to assume the Church has a lot of money because donations given to the church are for charitable purposes.
citizens already pay taxes therefore they cannot be made to pay taxes again in church” he said.