Apostle James Kofi Abbrey, Holistic Care consult executive director and Counselor spoke on the christian view of dating and courtship. He said there are stages in life and if you do not start life learning how to keep friendships you might fail in your relationship so open up and keep friendships.

In dating,it entails getting to know people and has to do with friends knowing about your relationship with your beloved but with courtship,the family gets to know of the relationship because the goal is to get married.

For love to mature there is a passion aspect and an intimate aspect which becomes sexual passion note that intimacy,decision and commitment comes together to form matured love.

Dating is about the intimacy or sharing.The passion does not come much because you have not decided to marry your partner yet in this stage also try not to dwell only on beauty or things you like about your beloved but also rely on principles of purity for Christians frown against premarital affairs.

Decision and commitment comes in when you get to know the person well enough to make a commitment and move the relationship to the next level.surround yourself with people you can pick and choose from.

In Ghana one cannot marry below 18 years,your parents will have to accept and get to know the person and it cannot be based on just your intentions alone.

Understand marriage in the cultural perspective from biblical principle as a christian therefore courtship or engagement does not guarantee you to have sex, the level of trust reduces after the sexual activity there is a companion aspect of marriage.

Depending on one another financially brings future problems during courtship because it can be broken at any time.

Having sex during courtship is not right but rather abstain from all appearances of evil because if the man sees the nakedness of a woman it can lead him to sin.

You cannot get to love someone well without knowing the person well if they do not take time it can cause problems in future marriage is a house, take time to plan your house build it before you enter to avoid challenges no matter the passion take time to control it.


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