Creflo Dollar Teaches On How To Manifest What God Has Made Available

Many at times you walk into a prophetic meeting and the man of God either walks up to you or points at you start saying, ‘God is about to do A, B, C, and D in your life.’ You get all excited about the plans of God for your life. Then suddenly the obvious hits you, ‘it’s been one year. The one year becomes two, from to three, the journey continues.’ Obvious is, you begin to doubt if what the man of God said is really true.

But have you sat down to ask yourself, ‘am I supposed to be doing something in order to see the manifestation or am I to sit and expect it to just come to pass?’ 

You will find out in this life changing teaching of the servant of God Dr. Creflo Dollar as he shares the secret to manifesting your blessings in a sermon titles, “How To Manifest What God Has Made Available.”