Cultivate The Habit Of Using Scriptures During Worship!

Dirty hands holding an old bible. Very short depth-of-field

This is perhaps one of the most important features in worship. The basis of our faith is the Word of God and must play a vital role during our worship to God.

It is an abomination if not an absolute disaster for a worship leader not to know scriptures. You must have it at your fingertips especially those that pertain to worship and praises to God.

Some ways is to effectively do this are;

1. Introduce the songs with a scripture or two that talks about the theme of the service or the song selection. This will draw the minds of your audience away from their many issues and help them focus on God – the purpose for which they are there.

2. Use the names of God in between the worship. This will give them a better understanding of the person they are singing about or to – GOD.

3. End with a prayer and a scripture. This will help your audience appreciate what they have just experienced.

As you practice, the Holy Spirit will begin to teach you more creative ways to use them. There are absolutely no limits!

Written by VickieAmoah