Daily Testimonies

I noticed that my son’s eye was red and with a thin film of discharge on Tuesday evening just before going to church. I decided to get him some eye drops the following morning if it still didn’t clear up.
At church, my pastor taught on faith and used Daniel and Abraham as some examples. I decided to put my faith to practice and went outside the church with my son to pray healing for his eye. He was sleeping in my arms and the discharge was now thick on his eye. I closed my eyes and prayed a short prayer, believing in my God. As I prayed, I saw a cupped hand full of blood being used to watch someone’s eyes.
I ended my prayer and went back to my seat with the understanding that the blood of Jesus had been used to wash my son’s eye.
When it was time for communion, my pastor asked us to believe that the communion we were about to take was the true presence of the body and blood of Christ and not only a representation. It dawned on me at that point that I was supposed to use the communion to wash my son’s eye there and then. I felt self-conscious and wondered what the people around me would think if they saw me doing it but I managed to do it.
The following morning, I checked my son’s eye after his bath and I say to the glory of God that his eye has cleared up completely.
It has been few weeks now and there has been no redness nor discharge ever since. Hallelujah!
Heavenly Father, thank you for your word that causes change in my life. I ask for strong faith to manifest your word in every situation in Jesus’ name, Amen.