Little Girl Pictured On Her Knees Lost In Deep Worship (PHOTOS)

deep worship

Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze shared photos of his young daughter lost in deep worship while he was ministering in church.

Below is what he wrote:

“Early this morning at about few minutes past 5am, I had arrived the church and put a call across to my wife who was getting ready to be in church for our 1st of the month Early Morning Prayer, I told her to tell my daughter not to fall again when she is been prayed for, according to me, I believe she doesn’t understand what it means to be slain, until she understands it, she shouldn’t . My wife said she had already done that before I called.

Everyone in church know that I LOVE CHILDREN. I always pray that children will encounter God early. I met God early too. I wished I even met him earlier.

Today, while I was in the front ministering, I didn’t even know the media team took these pictures and my wife was in the front too. My daughter was right at the back lost in deep worship. I have noticed this even at home. She could go on for close to 20 minutes. In church, once you separate her from other children and she isn’t playing, she prays for as long as prayers last with deep concentration and brokenness and she worships in tears…

deep worship

I remember all that I told God before she came. I remember all I told God again when God asked me to teach Supernatural Parenting. I remember again all that I told God when He asked me to turn it into a book. I have a book called SUPERNATURAL PARENTING. I see some of the Supernatural Manifestations I wrote about in the life of my 5 year old daughter.

Today, I repent from what I told my wife in the morning
Who said our children can’t discern spiritual things very early?
Who said they can’t be lost in an atmosphere of deep worship?
Who said they can’t be taught of the Lord?
Who said they must be like regular children?

Today, I pray for your born and unborn children
1. May they encounter the Lord very early in their lives
2. May they never stray from the Path of Righteousness
3. May their hearts burn with zeal and passion for the things of the Lord
4. May they never make the mistakes you made in Jesus name!