Delivered Spirits with Oppressed Minds Pt 1 By Myles Munroe

The way a person thinks about himself is a key to how he will think about others and to his general outlook on life. Certain people could move into your neighborhood and bring the property values down. If they moved next door to your $200,000 house and treated theirs like it was a $50,000 home, all of a sudden your home’s value would start dropping. When the realtor drives by and sees the uncut grass, weeds and trash covering their lawn, the realtor will think twice, attempting to cut your sale price because of your trash-thinking neighbor. The realtor will say, “We need to take an extra $7,000 off the sale price to help the buyer endure the unsightly house next door.”
Do you know what God’s number one problem on the planet is? It is humans with delivered spirits but the same old oppressed minds. He has to put up with old trashy minds in a new and holy kingdom, and we bring God’s value down by our bad attitudes and by the way we treat ourselves and others. God knew He couldn’t take the Israelites directly into freedom when Moses delivered them, because they would have turned Canaan into Egypt. So He took the time to work on their minds. Those whose minds He couldn’t change, He later buried in the wilderness.
Only people who are mature, willing to fight and willing to take responsibility for the future are going to bear fruit for God in the new millennium. I believe we are going to bury some wilderness people because they are not ready for the awesome responsibility that lies ahead of us. They will still be naming and claiming or sitting and doing nothing, and when God stops answering their baby prayers, they’ll think He left. Then they will murmur and die in the wilderness just as the Israelites did.
He is going to wake a lot of these folks up. But some of them will have spiritually deaf ears. It takes free minds and a lot of guts to face Jericho. You need some backbone to look at the Amorite kings and declare, “We’re going to defeat you.” It takes a lot of internal fortitude to stand back and tell Joshua, “We can well take the land.” It is easier to exist in slavery than to live in freedom. This is why many individuals, communities and nations who have experienced the excitement of deliverance turn their celebration into criticism when the reality of responsibility confronts them.
-The Burden Of Freedom