Destination: Prosperity – Creflo Dollar

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Your Habits

Your actions will determine your habits. You will develop in whatever you are doing on a daily basis. So you’ve got to check what you’re doing and saying every day, because what you do and say determines your potential.

If you lie, you have a potential to become a developed liar. If you sneak around looking at pornography every day, you only have the potential to develop in that. So make sure you look at your actions because your actions will determine your habits, and you don’t want habits in your life that are out of line with the Word of God.


Your Character

Your habits will produce your character.

Character is what people have come to expect from you. Understand this: You will never rise above the limitations of your character.

Over the years, Brother Kenneth Copeland has defined character as doing what’s right because it’s right and then doing it right. The character we should desire is, of course, the character of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What was His character? Love. We should begin to develop in the character of agape love so we can learn how to love people with agape love.


Your Destiny

Finally, the type of character you develop will determine your destination in life.
What’s your destiny? In John 10:10, Jesus says it succinctly: “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)” (The Amplified Bible). There’s your destiny. Enjoy life! That’s where you’re headed. Amen!


The Word produces your thinking; your thinking produces your emotions; your emotions produce your decisions; your decisions produce your actions; your actions produce your habits; your habits produce your character; and your character produces your destiny. Where you end up in life will be based on how you handle that progression.

You’re destined to live an overflowing life. You’re destined to be healed, to be at peace, to be wealthy. You’re destined to be happy. You’re destined to be sound. That’s what you were born to enter into. Life in the overflow! That’s your Destination: Prosperity Overflow.



-Eight Steps to Destination: Prosperity Overflow