Did you know your Praise can make a difference?

The book of 1st Samuel 16:15&16 in the old testament makes us know that demons were cast out through music and a clear example is the story of Saul who was possessed with demons and there was a need for a skillful harp player to come play his harp for the evil spirit to depart and adding up,in Mark 16:17 there was a later revealation and demons were cast out through the name of Jesus.

First understand this,an evil spirit is an assignment from hell, the devil always has plans for God’s children so they do not move forward; 1st Corinthians 16:9, Revelations 3:8 admonishes that it is not that God has not set an open door for you but it is because there is an adversary who does not want you to enter,this makes some speak evil about you, some attack your health, some ruin marriages, some make sure nothing good happens for you.But be assured in Romans 8:35 that nothing can stand against the love of Christ for his sons and daughters.

In Acts 16:16 , 17 this scripture speaks of Paul and Silas who was followed by a demon possessed woman and the demon in the woman advertised them to all persons present saying “these are the children of God” so paul turned around and casted out that demon;Acts 16:18.

You don’t have to tolerate the devil. Be grieved about your situation, turn and command the situation to end.You must come to a place where you are dissatisfied with what is happening in your life. Know that as you praise and worship God change would happen for you.Praise gives you revelation and praise also gives divine guidance.