Did You Miss Helen Yawson Live In Concert 2016?

_n8a8160American based Bass player, Bernard Harris and his team opened the show by thrilling the audience with soulful music. It was a high display of skill, anointing and passion for God and the art.

At some point when they had ended, MC for the night – K.O.J.O of Sunny 88.7 MHz, requested that they play one more track from their album. That too was something else.

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Then came STREAM BOYS – a young up and coming gospel rap group. They ministered 3 rap songs and managed to get some of the audience nodding their heads and taping their feet.

Kofi Duah Anto a.k.a KODA, mounted the stage next with his beautifully costumed band.  _n8a8214 _n8a8223

He started off with a simple local track to get all the instrumentalists properly tune up, and doubled it up with the all-time favourite “Guide me oh.” It received massive audience response – everyone was dancing. He also ministered some of his popular high life tunes – “Yapei,” which is a Takoradi word meaning “Part Company” and “Nkwa bodoo” meaning “Bread of Life.” Harmony of the Bvs were so on point.

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Another veteran Ghanaian gospel singer who graced the show was CINDY THOMPSON. She was welcomed amidst cheers and standing ovation. She did some of her great songs like, “Awawado (Amazing love),” “Dromo (Grace)” amongst others.

She shared a testimony that got the audience immersed deeply in prayer. It was very touching. Overall, it was a remarkable ministration.

Ps. Helen Yawson made a grand entry at exactly 6:50GMT amidst melodious vocals and interlude from the band. Amongst the many songs she did, her very own composition -“I just want Jesus” charged the atmosphere. With the lifting up of hands and a desperate longing for God, the audience worshipped wholeheartedly.

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Her sweet, smooth and piercing pitches could not be overlooked. It is certain that Ps. Helen’s vocal ability is exceptional.

POETRY about the work of God’s amazing grace was professionally delivered with precision._n8a8455 _n8a8456

Ps. Helen and her band came back on to do two tribute songs to honour the memory of Minister Danny Nettey.

Ps. Andy Yawson, Head Pastor of KICC Ghana and husband of Ps. Helen Yawson, mounted up stage for the altar call. He led several to Christ. The KICC choir followed with “Grace” by Potter’s House Mass Choir.

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Another notable feature of the night was a “special package” from Ps. Helen Yawson; one could go to the registration point and download 3 of her songs at a small fee. The songs were:

1. Any day any hour
2. Hallelujah
3. Thirsty

After the choir, Ps. Helen did the “Amazing Grace” hymn, featuring one of her BVs, Joycelyn Armah. In fact it was moving.

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She thanked all team members and everyone for a great night, and climaxed the concert with her NEW SINGLE – “Hallelujah.” What better way to end the show!

Overall, it was great programme. In case, you missed this one, make sure you are not left out next time!

By VickieAmoah


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