Discover For Yourself Her Secret To 110 Years On Earth. It Will Shock You!

A super-centenarian, Agnes Fenton, has revealed her secret to longevity. According to her, they are God, whisky and beer.

Fenton’s daily beer routine started 70 years ago after a health scare involving a benign tumor. When her doctor discharged her, she said he left her with this important piece of advice.

Fenton has followed his suggestion to the letter for decades — she even added a glass of whiskey to the mix.

According to the Record, her caregivers have recently taken alcohol out of her daily routine because she eats less now.

The Englewood, N.J., resident turned 110 on Saturday surrounded by more than 40 children she took care of during her years as a nanny.

“When I was 100 years old, I went to the mirror to thank God that I was still here. And I thank him every morning,” she told the Record.

“He gave me a long life and a good life, and I have nothing to complain about.”