Discover Nature’s Recipe For Well-Being

It is a great time to celebrate one of our favorite fruits, the cherry. We use cherries in The Fat Resistance Diet for their succulent flavor and amazing health benefits. Cherries are important for their ability to control inflammation. Recent research indicates that inflammation contributes to diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and obesity. Our philosophy is to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods like cherries into a total dietary pattern and lifestyle that creates optimum health and well-being while efficiently promoting weight loss.

Sweet or tart, cherries are a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory nutrients.

A study from the University of California at Davis found that regular consumption of cherries for 28 days produced a decrease in biochemical signs of inflammation in the blood, including a 25% reduction in C-reactive protein (CRP), the most widely studied marker of inflammation. Elevation of CRP in blood is associated with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Another study from UC Davis found that a single dose of cherries reduced the blood level of uric acid in healthy women. Excess uric acid causes gout, a very painful type of arthritis. The use of cherries to prevent gout is well established in Western folk medicine.

Cherries are also rich sources of:

  • vitamin C
  • potassium
  • boron, a mineral that plays an essential role in bone health, especially for women.

You can enjoy the benefit of cherries all year round with unsweetened cherry concentrate from your local health food store, or try Cascadian Farms frozen organic pitted cherries; they make a delicious snack or dessert.

This cherry recipe from The Fat Resistance Diet is a favorite of our readers. It is a delightful fruit dessert with layers of flavor:


  1. Cinnamon Lemon Poached Pears with Cherry Syrup

    2 Ripe Pears
    Juice of 1/2 Lemon
    1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
    1/8 Cup Chopped Almonds
    1 Cup of Water
    2 Sprigs of Mint
    1 Tablespoon Cherry Concentrate

Peel and core pears. Put pear, water, cherry concentrate, lemon juice, and cinnamon in a saucepan. Cover and simmer for 7-10 minutes or until fork tender. With a slotted spoon remove and plate pears. Simmer liquid until syrup is reduced to desired consistency and spoon on pears. Top with chopped almonds and mint. Serves two.