Discoveries-How do You Know Your Purpose?

Part 1

No pain, no gain! Is a commonly used sentence by friends, teachers, even gym instructors. So simple yet powerful with an even more simpler and yet powerful meaning! No gain without any pain – no aim can be accomplished in life without the help of a sound mind and a persistent will and effort by your body.

This aim can be anything at all; becoming a successful businessman, gaining a promotion at work, better grades at school or even attaining the perceived healthy physique.

So then we know by now, that no goal in life is beyond our limits once we set our mind and body behind it. Once we are willing and able to go the extra mile.

To hit our target grades we must study hard, to be an entrepreneur we must be willing to take the right risks or even to have the perceived healthy physique, we must exercise and eat healthy.

Think of our life on earth as a journey, which indeed it is. The mind is the driver taking the soul(the passenger) from “destination birth” to “destination death” in the body(the vehicle).

Now, this journey can be a smooth ride or bumpy ride from the on-set, depending on how hard a push you get. Of course the fingers of the hand are not the same which symbolizes that we all can’t have the same start, same finish and even same ride.

What is your purpose on earth? I mean all the eight planets [Pluto is no longer a planet] and this is where you landed. Why not Mars, Uranus, Venus or even Jupiter? What specifically were you placed on earth to do?

“This is a thought provoking question that may take a lifetime to discover the answer.”

Between “DB” and “DD”, our possibilities are unlimited as our wants unlike animals and plants. and it is worthwhile for homo sapiens to move forward and discover these possibilities.

A plant will stay rooted to the ground, grow and die in the same spot, a flower blooms, dies and another sprouts in its place. A dog is limited to barking and serving its master, birds have never changed their nest for a bazillion years, unless of course you have come across a chamber and hall self-contained bird nest.

Meanwhile, we humans have evolved from the stone age of nakedness, club hunting and even eating raw meat to this modern age of different brands of clothing, computers, modernized weapons and of course the delicacies of vast number of food outlets… It is in fact a great achievement to set foot on the moon

We are still breaking boundaries and taking more steps into the unknown due to our want for more. Yet, there’s still the question; what is your purpose on earth?