Dispute Between Politicians And Church Must Be Addressed – Christian Council

rev. opuni frimpong

The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has expressed fears that the relationship between politicians and religious leaders may deteriorate, following an allegation from outgoing Moderator of the Presbyterian Church Rev. Prof Emmanuel Martey that some political figures attempted bribing him with $100,000 and other enticements.

The allegation has received a lot of backlash from some political parties, especially the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In light of this, the General Secretary of the CCG, Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, speaking to Class News’ Emefa Apawu on 505 Wednesday August 31, said the dispute must be addressed and solved amicably as politics and religion work hand-in-hand to foster development.

He said: “The interface between religion and politics in this country is an issue that must be addressed. … [Religion] is an area we have in abundance and to me it is an area we must find a way of developing and developing it well so that the strength of religion can be channeled to supplement and complement what our politicians are doing. The moment we have situations where it seems the church and politicians are in conflict, it doesn’t serve anybody’s interest because all of them are servicing the same Ghanaians.”

Rev Opuni-Frimpong added: “…Who is benefitting from what is happening? Who needs that? I’m not sure anybody is benefitting from that and so it must stop.”