Do you know how powerful your tongue is

Many at times we take things for granted, People usually say things before they come to their realization.

It is very important to mind your words, and assess the effect it will have on people before you spew it out.

The tongue is a powerful tool which has the tendency to bless and curse.

The bible says, what enters us do not defile the body but rather, what comes out of us is what defiles the body. In other words, be vigilant of what you bring out.

What do you say with your mouth, what language do you speak. Do you speak positive of yourself and others or negative? If you wish well for yourself and others, you would never speak ill.

Speak life and have life. Speak ill and so shall you receive ill. The words that proceeds out of your mouth surely will have either a positive or negative tendency.

Cultivate the habit of speaking positive and life over your marriage, business, children, family and friends for out of words God created the world.

Words are like a reflection of light, its travels very quickly to spread out a space so be positive with your words on others and yourself. Never be quick to speak but be slow to anger to avoid regrets.

Be positive, kind and gentle with your words. Speak life, receive life and live a happy life.