Do You Set Your Affections Right?

Issues sometimes come the way of the Christian to sway his attention. It may be challenging situations or even the quest for material treasures of the world. We are admonished to set our affections right and focus on the essentials. The heart and mind always respond to situations based on what they have been fed with.

Affections are the cravings of the heart. When the Christian is awakened to his identity in Christ his cravings are set on things above. This is because his life is hid with Christ in God. Nothing worldly moves the Christian who has set his affections right, for his focus is Christ.


Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

The Christian was raised with Christ in resurrection by exercising faith in Him. Therefore the entire living of the Christian is centred on Christ. He is our life and for Him we live to reveal Him to the world. Until the Christian intimately knows that his living on earth is solely to reveal Christ who is his life, he is living below his calling.


I give myself to sound doctrine to set my affections right. In prayer, I train my heart to respond based on my identity in Christ Jesus. – Matthew 6:19-21.

By Christ Assembly.