Does God Frowns On Dating?

I know you have been thinking about that boy lately. And you also can’t stop impressing that girl. Just recently you met and kissed in his house. Why didn’t you guys do it in the presence of your parents?

You waste credit calling and texting each other. You think about your last chat every morning and forget to pray. What about God, why don’t you think of Him? Nowadays the youth are acting as married couple, they kiss, have sex and others go to the extent of living together in the same house for months.

God despises these acts. It’s fornication. If you think you can’t live without someone, go to the church and marry. God have pity on those teenagers in relationships planning to marry in the future. Are you God? Do you know the person’s destiny? You don’t know if he/she will become blind, mad, get an accident and die or get arrested.

What you feel for the opposite sex is called LUST. If you are in a relationship now, God is telling you to stop, to break that chain the devil has put around you. I know is difficult, I’m speaking from experience. If you claim you love someone, you should be willing to seek salvation for that person.

God is coming soon, repent OK.. Mr and Mrs Lovers, please think about your salvation.

Further reading -matt 6:33, 1 John 2:16, Numbers 15:39. Proverbs 6:25, Jeremiah 13:27, Matt 3:8 and Acts 11:18.