Does God Have a Perfect Marriage Mate for Everyone?

Marriage is not for everyone, but for those who should be married, I believe God will lead you to the mate best suited to you, although possibly not a “perfect” mate. Here is why.

Each person has a unique personality made up of hundreds probably thousands of intangible spiritual, mental, and environmental characteristics. Each person has a genetic code made up of millions of physical characteristics. To find a “perfect” mate would involve a special act of creation of another person by God with millions of characteristics, each of which would exactly complement your own characteristics. God does not form each human being by a special act of creation, but by natural biological processes.

What God will do, however, if you ask Him, is lead you to the person who best complements your personality, background, and desires, and whose genetic makeup, when joined to yours, can produce offspring pleasing to God, to you and your spouse, and to your fellow man. Since the variables involved in this are mathematically staggering, it behoves us to seek God’s infinite wisdom in the choice of our mates. The secret of knowing His leading is expressed in Proverbs 3:4-5.

That does not mean people who are looking for a husband or wife should sit at home and wait for God to send someone to knock on their doors. It is certainly appropriate to ask God to lead you to various places where there are single people to meet, whether it is a social gathering at church, an educational opportunity, or some other place where there are people of like interests and beliefs. There are many places that provide opportunities to meet a prospective mate. God will bring us the right person if we will let Him.

Remember only a mate who has Jesus Christ living within can ever be considered “perfect” or suitable for you.