Don’t Grow Weary In Doing Good!

I had an amazing encounter yesterday.

A little girl of about 6 years old walked into a place with her daddy. She had in her hands some biscuit. There was also another child who was seated with her mum. As this 6 year old girl sat down with her daddy, she began to eat the biscuit. Suddenly, she looked at the other girl, smiled and offered her some of the biscuit. They began to communicate in the most amazing way… without words. As I watched them, I was filled with so much love.

Often times, we do good because of something we expect in return. With this kind of motive, how can we expect to have testimonies?

Galatians 6:9 states, “And let us NOT GROW WEARY of DOING GOOD, for in DUE SEASON WE WILL REAP, IF WE DO NOT GIVE UP.”

Be a blessing to someone today, expecting nothing in return. You’ll soon experience new doors of breakthroughs in your life.


Written by: VickieAmoah