Dr. Mensah Otabil sermon on ‘How Opportunity Factors In The Occurrences Of Life’

Opportunity doesn’t look the same every time. There are three Faces of Opportunity:

1. The Face of Chaos.

(Chaos is when things are thrown out of order). Opportunity doesn’t always come when we are ready and when we expect it. Sometimes, chaos is what brings the opportunity.

Sometimes we see the power of God in a storm, i.e when there is chaos. (Peter walking on water)

When everything is scattered around you (in chaos), you have the opportunity to see the Power of God.

So when everything is disorganized around you, don’t despair because opportunity is knocking on your door.


2. The Face of Challenge

This is when you are severely tested to produce results.

When pressure is placed upon you and you fell stretched, you feel your capacity being too much demanded from, that is opportunity.

E.g: Queen Esther becoming the redeemer of the Jews

Our desire to be great will not come to us already prepared, it will come through a challenging opportunity. If you want to make a mark in life, you must be prepared to face challenges. Please remember, opportunity comes in the form of challenges.

The great doors that will be opened to us do not always look pretty.


3. Opportunity comes in the form of a calling.

This is when you find that life has prepared you to play a suitable role, i.e when you’re ready for something and it happens.

This is the opportunity most people are familiar with.

E.g: Jesus reading about Himself – Luke 4:17-20.

Opportunity is recognizing your calling at a time in history, when you know that you are in the Kingdom for such a time as this.


Things To Note:

Opportunity is not always comfortable

When the door of opportunity opens, we must be ready to act.


The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of that opportunity. Lenard Ravenhill

That is, every opportunity has a lifetime, opportunities are not permanent. They are doors, they get opened and they get shut. When you don’t access it when it is opened, you won’t access have it when it is shut.

The doors of God open for us will not remain permanently opened, however they came through.


You cannot postpone Opportunity, you cannot procrastinate about opportunity.


Opportunity does not always come dressed in nice clothing, it sometimes comes dressed in filthy clothing.

Many of the outcomes of life are determined by simple things we do in the course of life.


Give every opportunity in life your best shot.