Dwelling in the presence of God

A few days ago, I had a fellowship with one of my spiritual fathers who I have known for almost two decades now. He has a very strong prophetic mantle over his life and is called to be a prophet for the nations. His prophecies are so detailed and accurate that it’s almost scary. And yet he is one of the most down to earth and humble men I’ve ever met. A few years ago together with some local leaders I have arranged a camp for the Ukrainian orphans in Sweden and made him prophesy to each one of these kids. We were going on for two days! The presence of God was so tangible that I had to gather all my strength to be able to stand fast and keep translating. It was unforgettable time and I was so excited watching these prophecies coming alive during all these years.

As we were talking the other night, I was asking him about the subject of calling and walking in into our destiny. Especially I was interested in hearing God’s voice and the prophetic mantle he was carrying. As he was counseling me and sharing his experience, I was getting more and more blown away by one very simple and yet so important revelation, that is essential for everybody who is striving walking into the fullness of His calling.

Would you like to know what he told me?

He said that everyone has a gift and a calling, but before they are to manifest in our lives in fullness, God will have to do a huge work in our …CHARACTER…

We might be very gifted, but we will never be able to expand and carry our gifts without character. How can you entrust a little child some great weapon knowing the consequences it will bring? Would you send an immature person to represent yourself, lacking character and hurting people around? No?

That’s why there’s a process before we can step into our destiny! The time of preparation. And it depends on us how long it will take! Are we going to be aware of this revelation and answer His call and let God do His work in us? Are we going to do everything we can to do ours?

Are we to embrace His boot camp in the face of everything that’s hard and uncomfortable in our everyday life, like relationships, forgiveness, responsibility, discipline, etc. Are we going to seek His truth and “build our muscles” actively practicing all the lessons that we learn?

Or are we going to become like those unwise virgins who were waiting for their Bridegroom but never got into their full calling, because they didn’t do their part of buying the oil for their lamps?

It’s our choice.. Our circumstances do not define us anymore. He is able to change and turn anything! It’s all about our awareness, desire to change and willingness to pay the price for our transformation. Making the right choices when nobody sees us and applauding us. Doing what’s right trusting Him for His faithfulness and justice. Seeking wisdom. Changing step by step, finding out His truth that will help us to become everything He meant us to be and become.