Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationship 2. (Loyalty, Reliability and Understanding

When i hear the key performance indicators (KPI) of young people today, it gives me butterflies in the stomach.

“She took a picture with another guy and posted on Facebook so i am not in talking terms with him”.

So pretty, she gets approximately 120 “i love yous” from men everyday, she posts a picture and gets 800 likes in an hour out of which about 790 are men, owns an instagram page with 3,000 plus followers last time i checked and she has just three post of herself there. How are you going to feel about that?

If your boyfriend is the head personal executive secretary of Mrs Josephine Kai Ayesu-Djan, managing directress for corporate affairs(IHRMP), if she’s leaving for South Africa tonight, your man is going along. Maybe you will take a vacation to the same place i guess.

You see, people don’t ask themselves questions. Uncle Harry Benson, co-host of Eazy fm morning show¬† said “In most marriages, the partners know the problems before they say i do. They just pretend it doesn’t exist.

That is why i like Myles Monroe, he said; “the only institution that gives you a certificate before you start the course is Marriage.

It is never a joke when you are naive about something. What you don’t know can kill you before you realize. You see we have a lot to learn but we are interested in telenovelas, series and soap operas.

Proverbs 21:21- He who pursues righteousness and loyalty finds life.

May your relationship be filled with loyalty and reliability.