Buried corpse triggers new Ebola Outbreak

The careless burial of a 65-year-old woman in Mangina, Congo has raised alarms. Linking to the latest Ebola outbreak in late July, 2018. This was reported on Friday by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Many recent cases have been traced in 10 localities. Some of the towns include; Beni, Ituri province, etc.

WHO warns that the Ebola outbreak in Eastern DRC, is likely to spread over 10km and poses a high regional risk given its proximity to borders”

Four persons have already tested positive for Ebola in and around Mangina. With 20 others dead from unidentified hemorrhagic fevers. All recorded in the second half of July.

On 29th July 2018, a previous outbreak on the other side of the Central African country was reported after killing 33 persons. This puts DRC, on a higher risk of more sudden death, which could affect Uganda.

Since Ebola is reported to be transferred by infected bats. Who transfer the infection unto meat. With most meat sold in town, changes of it getting in contact to ignorant individuals become extremely high.

The very moment you get infected by the Ebola virus, you begin to show early signs like; Vomiting, Hemorrhagic fever, and Diarrhea. Ebola spreads very quickly through direct body contact to affected persons or fluids.

The Ebola virus was first found near a river in Nothern Congo. 11,300 deaths have been recorded in West Africa since 2013 to 2016. Despite vaccines being given out, some miss the opportunity of receiving one.

es. Eastern Congo is a tinderbox of conflicts over land and ethnicity stoked by decades of on-off war and this could hamper efforts to contain the virus.

Hospital are advised to properly dispose and bury dead Ebola bodies. To prevent unnecessary outbreaks, since it is a highly infectious virus.