Essential Harvest Principle you did Not know.

Luke 10:2- The harvest will always be greater than the lateness.No laborer is allowed to sit on the bench.

In 2010,an estimate of 2.3 billion people out of 7 billion people were Christians and out of 100%,60% are from Asia and only 5% out of the 60% are Christians.

Others are;Africa 13%, America 9%,Oceania 1% and North America 5%.

Full time ministers abandon their secular job to take up ministry work full time.Lay ministers can also receive harvest by applying the principle of faith which is also a law.

Every child of God is given the gift of faith and faith does not only remain a gift but also a spirit to help us live the God kind of life.

For a believer, when it comes to faith to harvest, there is nothing like a neutral word therefore let your jokes be wholesome because words are like salt and they can cut.

There is a law that governs this principle and the word Law means any principle that when applied gives you results all the time.

Know this;Forever,God’s word is settled in heaven and the word of God will not pass away.