Etiquette For Musicians PT. 1 – Stick To The Time!

Etiquette simply means the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

I believe there are certain basic manners that every musician must cultivate. One such is sticking to the allotted time given for ministration.

I have been to events where ministers are called up stage to do 2 songs and they end up doing 6. And sometimes when the MC or pastor for the event attempts to signal them, they get charged to do even more.

The unfortunate aspect is when they allude their actions to the Holy Spirit – “Oh, I felt led to do that.”

No matter the cheers of the crowd, or how much the Spirit is moving, try and stay within your allotted time and make good use of it. Besides, if you prepare adequately, and allow the Holy Spirit to have His way, even with 2 minutes, He can do wonders with your ministration.

Our God is not an author of confusion. He is a God of order. Remain professional and sustain your ministry.



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