[RECAP] Worship Master Class 2017!

The 7th edition of the Worship Master Class hosted by Pastor Helen Yawson, Director of VOICEMANIA; a company committed to developing vocal talents through seminars and personal tuition  was held at the Christ the King Church Hall on Saturday 18th March, 2017. Programme stated at 9:30am. It was a full-day program, broken down into 3 sessions.

Since 2011, the Worship Master Class has served as a training platform with the main focus of assisting worship pastors and leaders, worship teams/choirs and the general public to grow deeper in their worship life. The platform teaches about private and congregational worship, as well as the appropriate lifestyle of the worshipper.

After the opening prayer and praise and worship led by Minister Kwaku Dapaah, Pastor Helen Yawson welcomed participants and announced the theme for the program; “DEEPER;” meaning to know God better as you grow deeper in Him. The guest speaker for the day, Ps. Isaiah Fosu-Kwaakye jnr; a renowned worshipper and head pastor of Dominion Chapel Intl., spoke about some ethics a worship leader must cultivate/posses. He added that as a worship leader, the life you live after you leave the platform is what will sustain your ministry. “Don’t keep the secret place quiet. As a worship leader, develop your personal relationship with God. Go deeper,” he said.


After his talk, he led the house in a powerful worship time.



The second session began with Pastor Helen Yawson giving an expose on the theme “Deeper.” She took her text from Ephesians 1:17 and explained that as a Worship Leader, Praise Team member or Chorister, the DEEPER life is a life hidden with Christ who is in God (Colossians 3:3). She said if you want your private and congregational worship to change, seek Christ; seek Him for the new songs He is ordaining.

Pastor Helen further emphasised that a Worship Leader must listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit, first of all in private and then in public ministry, because the Holy Spirit always reveals Christ and will not glorify another,  but God.

She then mentioned that going DEEPER demands that a worship leader desires to go beyond the surface of things. A Worship Leader must dig into the scriptures and unravel what is in the heart of God. She said, going DEEPER is not always popular, because it isolates you from the ordinary things going on around you and not everyone is willing to pay the price of being isolated.

She also added that, a worshipper must put in the same effort as the pastor does. In general, she admonished participants to cultivate a deeper relationship with God in order to help their congregation see God in a deeper way through their worship.

She led participants in an awesome worship time, after which the third session kicked off with Q & A.



Later, they dispersed into their various groups, and their assignment was to choose worship song according to scriptures for worship.



Over all, it was educative, informative and fun. I personally recommend it for every Christian, church choir, and worship leaders and pastors. I believe you will be better equipped to do your work well as ministers in the church. After all, there is no end to learning.


God bless you Ps. Helen Yawson for this great initiative.


Contact http://www.helenyawsonlive.com for further information about the worship Master Class.

Photos: Elikem Photography