Faith Like That

Faith Like That by deborah bell
Faith to move mountains… how great would that be
To speak and they’re plucked up and cast in the sea
To pray and a cripple is instantly healed
Or a puzzling dream…have it’s meaning revealed
To lift someone up from despair where they sat
Please…give me faith like that…
To speak to the wind and then watch it be still
Take two little fish and a multitude fill
When there is a need…turn the water to wine
Or give unto others…all that is mine
To lead one to God who has sank in the mire
Oh…this kind of faith I desire…
When someone is sick…my prayer makes them whole
Or to feel the presence of God in my soul
To speak a command and the demons all flee
Or to open the doors and the prisoners go free
To offer my life for the gospel to spread
Or to lay on my hands and God raises the dead
Lord…all of these things are for us to receive
Oh…just please give us faith to believe…
By Deborah Bell