How Wordlife Church celebrated Father’s Day

If the popular Akan adage had it that, when one pounds fufu in the night, he pounds his father’s balls (not his mother’s breast), a lot of people would deliberately pound fufu at night even if they didn’t feel like it; others, maybe would make fufu the only dish on their supper menu.

Considering the love most people had for their mothers, our forefathers found it wise and befitting to turn the hearts of many from sinister deeds by using mothers as bait.

All over the world, Mother’s Day is heralded and celebrated in grand style sometimes weeks before the D-day whiles Father’s Day comprises mere wishes from children. Just that. Unprecedentedly, Word life church defied all odds-on Father’s Day.

The church was spectacularly littered with men, both young and old, immaculately dressed in regal-looking rich kente cloth and fine-looking resplendent smocks. Fathers were celebrated!

The church gathered not just to wish Fathers a happy Father’s Day but also to celebrate the hard work, sacrifice, love and support of all fathers who were present. A handful of the congregation were nonchalant about the whole ceremony probably because a father was not responsible enough to take care of them or had died when they were young.

Nonetheless, they resigned in stunning awe from their reluctance to wholly   partake in the celebration of Father’s Day as the word of God was being preached on ‘Father Abraham’.

Notwithstanding, the Fathers in the church sponsored a sumptuous lunch for the entire congregation after a minute of silence was observed for all late Fathers who passed away in the Lord.

After the service, I was certain that if I had told any of the young ones in church that pounding fufu at night would affect their father in the slightest possible way none would dare to try.

It’s never too late to celebrate Fathers. Every day is a new opportunity to tell them thank you.

By: Nana Kofi Apeaning