Four ways to identify a proud look – Dag Heward-Mills

A proud look is a facial expression, posture or presence that communicates arrogance and superiority.

A proud look is facial expression that reveals pride; A proud look is revealed when a person does not bend his neck or turn his head in your direction when he is speaking to you. It’s also when a person does not smile, clap, say amen or show approval during a service.

A proud look is an attitude that exudes arrogance; A person with a proud look has an attitude that you feel in all your communication to him. For instance, you may send him a text but he would not respond or reply your email even though he had seen it.

A proud look is a posture that communicates pride and generates contention; The presence of this invisible evil is best revealed by the presence of contention. Quarrelling, bitterness and unforgiveness are always signs of pride. A lofty presence always brings conflict! “He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife”- Proverbs 28: 25.

A proud look is a presence that communicates superiority; Another area where a proud look is a detected is where a person has racist pride. When a person starts to speak about a country in which he lives or in which he is forced to live in a certain way, you can sense the heart of despisement.

Sometimes it is possible to feel pride when you are in the presence of a proud person.