From A 20 Year Homeless Crack head To A Minister!

I was a crack addict for 20 years. I slept in old abandoned houses, underneath bridges, in old cars, the woods, the restroom at local parks and many other places. I ate out of the trash can, stole from grocery stores and at the local soup kitchens.

When it came to my hygiene and appearance, I smelled worse than a goat. It seemed my life had gone from the little boy who from the first to the eighth grade brought home A’s on his report card to the lost little boy who from the age of 17 to 42 became the modern day prodigal son.

For 25 years, this was my life style; wandering from one homeless shelter to another, from one state to another like an abandoned dog looking for its master.

One day, after a failed suicide attempt, I woke up behind a dumpster. After realizing that I had failed, I started crying. I located a stolen bible I carried in my homeless bag and prayed, “Lord, why am I going through these challenges in my life? Why can’t I get off crack cocaine and stay of? Why? Why? Why? Then as I searched through the bible I was lead to Ephesians 6: 12; 2:2 and Luke 4: 1-13. It was in Ephesians where God showed that “my battle for deliverance was against demon spirits that possess and influence people to sin, rebel against the will of God for their lives” and the book of Luke where I noticed that, each time Jesus was faced with temptation from the devil he responded, “it is written…” followed by the appropriate verse!

That day, I made the decision to dissect, study the Bible to find all verses dealing with overcoming temptations to sin, which in time became the self-published book: “Prayers For Deliverance From Crack Cocaine And Alcohol Addiction”. It’s puzzling, amazing how God can take a crack-head, prostitute, thief, homeless person, sinner and turn around what Satan meant for their bad and use that person’s struggles and then testimony of deliverance for His glory!

You can simply Google my name, “Christian Willie J. Henderson” to see what the changes God has made in my life since setting me free!

By: Willie J. Henderson