Gena Annan: The woman who gave birth at 53

“Eeeeiiii I screamed. That’s so easy. I felt like a baby… was like you are on a honeymoon”

Gena Annan found herself trying to break biblical Sarah’s dreaded record of near childlessness. At age 53 she had had five miscarriages with no medical explanation for her condition. It is a condition, a frightening predicament no married couple wants to hear.

No one would want to be in Gena’s position. Oh yes, you wouldn’t. But that was not the only situation she found herself in.

She also has a powerful relationship with God. As powerful as asking for a car at 8pm and receiving it at 9pm.

You would want to be in that position. Oh yes you would.

Rev. Mike Abossey called it the ‘press and receive anointing’ during the course of the interview with Gena. And he made no secret of his desire to have such – such a geni-like ability.

That’s what Gena has got as she shared her life’s testimony starting with her time in UK in the 80s where she worked as a full-time cook and a part-time minister of God.

“One day the Lord told me you have to go into the ministry full time” she revealed.

It wasn’t an exciting prospect for a Ghanaian who had a well-paying job at De Gory Hotel in Victoria close to the Buckingham Palace.

Already, her respectable position in a white establishment was baffling to many Africans living in her neighbourhood. Some just couldn’t believe that the Ghanaian was not cleaning dishes – the way of many blacks.

But Gena had a British education in catering, cake designing and cooking at East London College, Westminister College and South Bank University.

It was a very big sacrifice, she described the feeling of leaving her career at God’s command. The decision was even more shocking to her boss.

He told her the position will be left vacant for six months. It was in the hope that if her decision was taken under the sudden influence of jammed nerves, she could rectify what looked so unthinkable an error in judgment.

Gena didn’t return.

And she found herself crying, hungry, angry, broke while her employable certificates gathered dust.

“After all my money was finished I had to depend on God”.

“I drink a glass of milk with two slice of bread in the morning, the same in the afternoon for weeks I was on just milk and bread”.

“Until one day I said to God, enough is enough” she said, a fed-up fume was evident in her voice. She challenged God to do something to confirm his direction to stop work.

The interview paused a few seconds as Vashawn Mitchell’s ‘Nobody Greater’ played softly in the background. A gentle reminder that a spectacular move of God was in the offing.

Gena says words of assurance came in the form of Genesis 26 where Isaac in a time of great famine in Canaan was forbidden to go to fruitful Egypt.

Then while resigned to hunger at home, Gena blurted pretty much unconsciously…..

“I wish I had some Jollof’’. Minutes later, the door rings. A Nigerian woman pulls out a neat basket, gives it to Gena. God told me to bring you some food, she explained and left. It was Jollof – good old Jollof.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, they say. This beggar here rides her wishes like horses.

Shattered by the pin-point accuracy of God’s provision, Gena took a mental shopping cart and her wish list and began roaming the biggest shopping mall on earth – Philippians 4:19

“I want an audio bible, I needed winter coat and a shoe. God, I don’t know how to drive but I want to be the first person who has a car but does not know how to drive”, an excited Gena went on – the poverty of her ambitions showed.

For humanity’s sake, who asks God for an audio bible when your bank account is empty and the world has plenty? What happened to asking for an oil rig at least? Several bigger requests so easy but so sidelined in Gena’s mental shopping mall.

Later in the evening when church was over, the Head pastor, Osman walked towards Gena brandishing a car key and a careless smile.

“The Lord says I should give you one of my cars….He again said something to do with winter coat”. He also gave her money to buy the audio bible when Gena had not told him anything.

“Eeeeiiii I screamed. That’s so easy. I felt like a baby… was like you are on a honeymoon”, a palpable sense of excitement flooded the studio as Gena explained.

And the series of divine provisions was not a nine-day wonder. “It got to a point where I just have to think about something and then I just get it” she said.

No long, fervent, feverish prayers. No quoting of long scriptures, no nothing except requests prefixed by ‘’I want’ and ‘I wish’.