Get to Know More about the Revelation of the Twenty-Four Elders.

In revelations chapter 4,the Apostle John shares with us
what he saw when the throne room of God was revealed to him.

Besides his description of Gods throne he also saw
twenty-four other thrones. sitting on these thrones were
twenty-four elders dressed in white robes and wearing gold crowns.

In verse 9 and 10 we get an idea of one role these elders

Revelations 4:9-10 -when ever the living creatures give
glory and thanks to Him who sits on the throne,who lives
for ever and ever,the twenty-four elders fall down before
Him who sits on the throne and worship Him who lives
forever and ever and cast their crowns before the

Six times in the Revelation we read that the 24 elders
fall down and worship. They each have a duty yet they
worship. The Greek word for worship in Revelations 4:10
is Proskuneo.

These elders hold an enviable position in John’s vision.
seated around the throne of God, they have access to the
grandest revelations of the creator and his son.

These revelations produce worship responses that only those who have intimate relationship with the King dare to differ.

Because of God’s great mercy and grace we are now seated with him in heavenly places.Through Jesus we have established the proper relationship that has gained us access to the throne room and more importantly the king.

Like the twenty four elders our response to his presence
is uninhibited worship. Their first three words “Holy,holy,holy” in which the number 3 is used to signify in the scriptures that something is full or complete.

For instance we have the trinity that consists of the Father,Son and Holy Spirit. The Trinity is the fullness of God.

The Greek word for Holy is Hagios which means sacred,physically pure and morally blameless. Not only is God Holy but he expects holiness from his worshipers.

Another 3 words used is “Lord God Almighty.Let us take a look at the Greek meaning of these words.Greek is the original language from which the new testament was written.

The Greek word for Lord is Kurios which means supreme in authority,controller. Theos is the Greek word used for God and means deity,the supreme divinity. And Almighty is translated from the Greek word Pantokrator which means ruling God,as absolute and universal sovereign.

When all these is put together we get: The supreme deity in absolute,sovereign control of the universe. Heaven responds with expressive worship as God reveals himself as the Almighty.Some fall on their faces in worship while others sing. Our worship response should not be any different.

Do we dare to claim we know him yet stand Sunday after Sunday in church with our hands in our pockets and our minds miles away? Do we dare claim to know him yet live each day as if we are in control of our lives?

If we are to enter heaven’s worship we must have a revelation of Almighty God and not only respond with outward expression but also yield our lives to his Lordship.